Live La Hacienda Los Picachos


5 minutes from the center of San Miguel de Allende, in an accessible area and in a quiet and relaxed place, is Haciendas los Picachos. Country hotel, former home of thoroughbred horses that, thanks to this, maintains its equestrian aesthetic of wood and metal materials.

A beautiful concept that exudes nature and luxury in harmony, and that with its incredible settings provides peace, to this is added the rooms full of details that cannot be

finding the perfect mix of elements that build the place that it is now.

Inside Picachos there is a restaurant that builds a family atmosphere and seeks to show the essence of the hotel through its architecture, effortlessly managing to make those who see it fall in love. YO Restaurant gives the eye tranquility and beauty, but on the part of its food it delivers a variety of flavors that awaken an infinity of emotions and sensations that make YO a favorite among favorites.

But not only do they have those exquisite dishes, they also have the luxury of having Julio Salas, a mixologist of secret recipes, who with ingredients grown on site, creates drinks without comparison, mainly using lavender, surprising with new and unforgettable flavors. I maintain that philosophy that Picachos carries in everything he does: finding the right elements to create the perfect mix.

But at Hacienda los Picachos not everything is about sharing, there is also time and moments for oneself, to pamper yourself, to relax, and it is that entering the spa is something that we should all do at any time, take some time alone and meet in moments of relaxing.

Although it can also be done in other ways and that is why Picachos provides us with an archery practice range, as well as an athletics track and a barbershop for men, whose common goal is to pamper us and it is easily achieved.

The place drinks from its incredible architecture, spectacular views and unforgettable rooms, but also from the service, since its people are the most important thing, an atmosphere of tranquility is shown when seeing that the staff is attentive and available, and with the services that are obtain in their stay, the hotel shows an essence that has no comparison.

And speaking of essences, Picachos contains the best temazcal in San Miguel de Allende, which has wide spaces and decent facilities to purify the soul and renew your inner essence.

But we must not leave out Kasoku Sushi Bar, where the pool and gym are located, these three designed by the architect Luis Fabián Flores, who shows us his talent through gothic typography, skulls, stone, copper and other metals. that together or separately shine equally, in an artistic environment full of luxury and strength, factors that help make everything visually spectacular.

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