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    We know that the times we are living are not easy at all. We want to thank you for taking care of yourself and yours, for staying strong and not losing hope, because by taking care of yourself, you are taking care of us all.

    We want to tell you that for Hacienda Los Picachos it has been a life lesson and we are making every effort to get ahead and keep you safe during your stay with us.

    We continue to closely monitor the situation around COVID-19 and we are following the instructions of the experts and the health authorities. We have adapted our prevention and hygiene processes to guarantee the maximum safety and well-being of our guests and collaborators.

    In this sense, we are taking the maximum precautions in our facilities and we would like to mention some of them:

    Training our collaborators in hygiene and safety processes.

    Adaptation of hygiene and safety protocols: We have updated all our protocols and processes based on the recommendations of experts from around the world in safety and hygiene.

    • Complete and continuous sanitization and disinfection of common areas
    • Sanitization and disinfection of rooms.
    • Sanitation and disinfection of restaurants
    • Sanitation and disinfection gym, spa, temazcal and boutique
    • Adaptation of our operation to maintain the necessary safety and hygiene.
    • We also have a contactless payment system through a single payment link.

    For all of us who work at Hotel Hacienda Los Picachos, your safety and well-being are of vital importance.

    We wish you a pleasant stay.

    Sanitary license of fumigation supplier sanitation and disinfection: See license


    IMPORTANT: Every person must wear a face mask to enter the hotel.

    Dear guest, client and / or supplier of “Hacienda Los Picachos”, we appreciate your preference; We also inform you that we are a company that cares about your health and that of everyone, interested in guaranteeing the right to health; For this reason, we have implemented all the recommendations and requests required by the health authorities for the prevention and mitigation of COVID-19 infections, taking care day by day that these are met, in order to offer safe facilities for you and yours. ; for this reason, you are informed that protocols are being carried out prior to your admission, which you agree to follow and carry out, for which you will be applied a body temperature test as well as a brief health questionnaire for the detection of symptoms, in order to prevent and mitigate COVID-19 infections and continue guaranteeing the health criteria that we offer, so that in case your thermometer test is not favorable (+37 degrees) and / or you have symptoms of said virus; We reserve the right of admission to our facilities for the common good of all those who work here and the rest of our clients and / or guests with the sole intention of guaranteeing the duty of health, without implying a discriminatory act, but with the objective criteria of mitigating the virus, in accordance and in accordance with the agreements and / or criteria established by the health authorities.

    Likewise, if during your stay you present symptoms of the virus and / or be diagnosed as positive, you will be assigned a COVID room, in which you agree to stay until the end of the recommended isolation, providing you with the cleaning services that are require, being obliged to cover the total amount generated by your stay.


    1. The hotel reserves the right of admission.
    2. For the comfort of all our guests pets are not allowed.
    3. Firearms, flammable explosive materials, narcotic drugs or similar substances are prohibited from entering the hotel.
    4. It is prohibited to enter any of our facilities narcotics, chemicals, drugs or similar substances.
    5. All damage or loss caused by the guest to property, real estate and belongings owned by the hotel, must be paid according to the value established by the company.
    6. The check in time is at 3:00 in the afternoon while the check out is at 12:00 noon, and management is empowered to require the guest to vacate the room.
    7. All valuables or cash must be deposited in the safe, otherwise the hotel will not be responsible.
    8. To register at the hotel, every adult person must be identified by means of a valid passport or ine.
    9. All visits to the rooms occupied by guests are prohibited, except those made with the authorization of management, the hotel reserves the right to request the evacuation of any person outside the facility without authorization.
    10. It is strictly prohibited to enter the facilities of the picachos with alcoholic beverages.
    11. The guest will make their payments in cash, credit card, debit or through a contactless payment link. The hotel reserves the right to accept or deny payment by personal or business account checks.
    12. The accommodation contract may be terminated by the following:
      1. For committing moral offenses or making scandals that disturb other guests.
      2. By absence of the guest for more than 24 hours without leaving notice or warning.
      3. For lack of payment in the agreed form.
    13. The hotel is not responsible for items forgotten during events (blankets, equipment and others).
    14. The hotel is not responsible for breach of contract when the event cannot be carried out for reasons of force majeure such as: fires, earthquakes, strikes, popular riots and others.
    15. It is forbidden to listen to loud or loud music in the rooms.
    16. Smoking is strictly prohibited in any closed area of ​​the hotel.
    17. The hotel is not responsible for the partial or total loss of goods, values ​​or vehicles in our parking lot.
    18. The hotel is not responsible for damage caused by third parties to vehicles.
    19. The security deposit is returned in full if there is no damage. If it is by credit card, we are not responsible for the time it takes for your bank to make the return.
    20. Dear guest, we inform you that the spraying and application of pesticides is constantly being carried out in all areas of the hotel, since much more than what is requested is even carried out because we know that we are in the field, complying with it with the norm of respective health; However, we must be aware that when we are in a country area, it is impossible to go against nature and extinguish any insect or arachnid that appears at any time, without this meaning dirt in your room, lack of application of insecticides or lack of care.
    21. Any damage caused to the company by the guest, must be covered by it.