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  • Hacienda Los Picachos Eco Friendly

    The Tlacuache, a defenseless marsupial.

    Hotel Hacienda Los Picachos is located on the outskirts of the city of San Miguel de Allende, it has all the comforts of a hotel and is surrounded by nature.

    We are an eco friendly hotel, we strive to take the utmost care of nature and the environment. We constantly perform sanitizations and fumigations to repel insects, however, being in the countryside sometimes they can sneak around.

    One of the animals that are commonly seen in our gardens are the tlacuache, also known as opossums. The Tlacuache is the only marsupial native to our country, and its name comes from the Nahuatl tlacuatzin (tla, fire; cua, to nibble, to eat; and tzin, boy) which means “the little one that eats fire”. These marsupial mammals have inhabited the earth for some 60 million years.

    The main predator of the tlacuache is man, who, mistaking it for a rodent, thinks of eliminating it quickly. It is important to know this species in order to take care of it, and give it the importance it has as insect pest control, because they love to eat insects.

    So we ask that if you see an opossum in our facilities, do not bother it, it is a defenseless animal that we take care of at Hacienda Los Picachos. Let’s be aware that we humans are the ones who invade their habitat, not them ours.